Ravaglioli – KPH349WEK 4.2t 2-Post Electro-Hydraulic Clear Floor Hoist


Ravaglioli – KPN349WEK 4.2t 2-Post Electro-Hydraulic Clear Floor Hoist

The Ravaglioli KPN349WEK 4.2T electro-mechanical clear floor hoist is a screw type hoist with an automatic and permanent nut lubrication system to guarantee efficient lubrication during lifting and descent.

Manufactured by Ravaglioli in Italy, the main nut is made of bronze (no plastic component) with high resisitance to wear for greater safety and the steel high resistance rolled screw provides a long working life.

The KPN349WEK tubular structure has been achieved with 5 robot welded sections ensuring absolute strength and reliability.

Electro-mechanical synchronisation keeps the carriages within an alignment of 20mm and therefore this design guarantees a long service life, minimal maintenance and maximum workplace safety.

Three-stage short arms and two-stage long arms provide asymmetric lifting and feature automatic locking during lifting and automatic unlocking when the arms reach the floor utilising a self-locking conical design. Furthermore, the asymmetric arms facilitate easy and quick access to the inside of the car and are suitable for quick drop-in extensions.

  • Lifting capacity of up to 4.2t
  • Superior lifting height of 2020mm
  • 3-stage short arms and 2-stage long arms
  • Permanent nut lubrication system – high resistance to wear
  • Steel rolled screw designed for a long service life
  • Electro-mechanical synchronisation of carriages
  • Synchronised alignment within 20mm
  • Automatic locking and unlocking
  • Easy and quick access to a vehicle interior
  • Width between columns of 2650mm
  • Column height of 2645mm
  • Overall hoist height of 3873mm
  • Overall hoist width of 3420mm
  • 24 month warranty
  • Made in Italy



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