Bosch LD 020 – Air conditioning leak detector


BOSCH LD 020 – Air Conditioning Leak Detector

The LD 020 is a dual mode leak detector featuring both electronic sensor and patented UV detection modes. The long life solid electrolyte sensor technology is designed to detect both R-134a and the new HFO refrigerant R-1234yf. The LD 020 is highly sensitive to all HCFC, HFC, blends, and HC refrigerants. The digital display is independent from the audio alarm and sensitivity level, allowing the precise pinpointing of the leak source. The LD 020 does not require rechargeable batteries.



  • SAE J2791 certified (R134A)
  • SAE J2913 certified (R1234YF)
  • Long life, stable sensor
  • UV LED’s emit optimum UV wavelength
  • Unique numeric leak size indicator
  • Automatic calibration and reset to ambient levels
  • 3 adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Visual LED leak alarm located near sensor
  • True mechanical pump
  • Low battery indicator
  • Audio mute function
  • Comfortable neoprene grip
  • CE Certified
  • Made in USA
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Leak Test Vial
  • Sensor Filters (5 pack)
  • Rugged Carrying Case


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