GYS Startpack Pro 12/24 CI – 028920

$3,000.00 + gst


GYS Startpack Pro 12/24 CI – Starter/Battery Charger – 12/24v


The STARTPACK PRO 12.24 CI is a professional autonomous starter for 12 V and 24 V lead batteries (liquid, AGM, EFB, gel…). Thanks to its 2 high-performance internal lead batteries, it develops a high starting current. The booster integrates an intelligent charger that perfectly preserves the health of its 2 batteries. Compact, robust and supplied with a trolley, it is ideal for breakdown services on site and in agricultural workshops, trucks, buses or for construction machinery.


Very powerful 12 / 24 V booster

Its two high-quality internal batteries (ENERSYS: 2 x 30 Ah) give the STARTPACK PRO 12.24 CI a high starting current (up to 6200 A peak).
– It starts all vehicles equipped with lead batteries (liquid, AGM, EFB, gel…) in a few seconds: 1300 A in 12 V, 1200 A in 24 V.


Built-in automatic charger

  • Thanks to its powerful built-in 4 A charger (IUoU curve), the STARTPACK PRO 12.24 CI can be charged 100% from the mains, quickly and unattended.
  • Its intelligent 7-step charging curve extends the life and performance of its internal batteries.


Perfect for on-site work

Compact, the STARTPACK PRO 12.24 CI has a comfortable power-to-weight ratio. Delivered with its trolley, it is easily transportable and adapts perfectly to all types of environments (in the workshop or on site).


For safe use

This product provides protection for the vehicles on-board electronics, the charger, the battery and the user.

  • Battery switch:
  • Protects on-board electronics
  • Avoids short circuits.
  • Protects against polarity inversion (with audible alarm + indicator light). – Avoids sparks when connecting the clamps.



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