GYS Batteryless BoostbGYSCAO 680E – 026773

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GYS Batteryless Booster GYSCAP – 12v


Designed for vehicles equipped with a 12V battery, the GYSCAP 680E uses supercapacitor technology (without battery) to provide instant starting power. It uses energy from a vehicle with engine running, to automatically charge itself. It then uses this energy to start another vehicle. This device is fully autonomous and does not need to be connected to the mains.


A Powerful Boost

  • Designed around battery-free technology, it is equipped with 5 supercapacitors.
  • The supercapacitors guarantee 1 000 000 cycles (charge & discharge).
  • Energy of 1,600 A at start-up / 9,000 A at peak.
  • Two start-up modes: automatic or forcing (SOS) for vehicles equipped with deep-discharge batteries.


Easy and Convenient

  • Three charging modes:
  • Or by connecting the clamps to a running vehicle.
    + By leaving the GYSCAP plugged in for a few seconds after a vehicle is started, it automatically recharges on the running engine.
  • Or by plugging the cigarette lighter cord into any vehicle.
    + This charge is very practical and avoids the need to access the battery terminals of the recovery vehicle. In addition, the vehicle can be stationary, with power being taken from the cigarette lighter.
  • Or by connecting to the mains via the supply mode of a Gysflash 4 A (029422
    + Acc. Gysflash. 029439 – not supplied)


A Proven Technology

  • Thousands of starts without stopping.
  • Still operational even after years of storage.
  • Insensitive to cold and heat (-40°C/+60°C) during storage, charging and use. It guarantees a successful start, regardless of the weather conditions.
  • It can be used in all weathers and is not affected by rain or snow.
  • No maintenance required.


Optimal Safety & Intuitive Interface

  • Equipped with the SMART STARTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, it is protected against: reversed polarity/short-circuited clamps/deep discharge. This system guarantees a global security of the on-board electronics, the battery of the vehicle, the booster and the user.
  • Incorporates a digital display capable of continuously and accurately providing the voltage at the end of the vehicle’s battery and alternator clamps. The state of charge of the capacitors is indicated by the LED bar graph.


Ideal For Site Use

  • Reinforced plastic shell.
  • 100% copper cables, 25 mm² cross section and 170 cm length..
  • Fully insulated curved brass clamps.
  • Light weight of 8.2 kg


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