BAT 645 – Battery Charger 45amp for 12V and 24V systems


Bosch BAT 645 – Battery Charger


The new Bosch BAT 645 battery charger, offers automotive workshops a universally applicable professional device featuring 45 ampere of continuous current output. Automatically detecting the required nominal voltage, the charger can be used for 12-volt car batteries and 24-volt commercial vehicle batteries alike.

As additional modes of operations, BAT 645 feature a back-up and a floating mode. At the back-up mode, the device ensures the vehicle’s power supply in case the starter battery has been removed. The floating mode, on the other hand, is of increasing importance in everyday workshop life. In this case, the battery charger supports the on-board power supply, for instance, in case of control unit updates.

The new battery charger is equipped with a USB port easing software updates. This allows, for instance, uploading characteristics for innovative types of batteries – thus keeping the device up to date at any time.



  • 45 A – universal battery charger for all lead acid battery types and new Li-Ion – Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • 12 V / 24 V for cars and trucks with automatic selectionFully automatic charging characteristics – Universal for all battery types (UNI) and specific characteristics for WET, AGM, GEL, EFB and LFP and soft charging phase for deeply discharged batteries (automatic)
  • Backup mode maintaining current supply to buffer data during battery replacement
  • Floating mode which keeps SOC of the battery and stabilizes vehicle electrical systems (engine is off)
  • HMI with a dot matrix display
  • Electronic protection management system
  • USB port for SW updates
  • Exchangeable charging and power cord cables
  • Charger holder for wall mounting


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