Bosch ACS 763 – Fully automatic air conditioning service unit


BOSCH ACS 763 – Air Conditioning Service Unit

The new ACS 763 makes the maintenance operations of the AC R1234yf systems easier and more efficient. The ACS 763 unit integrates all maintenance functions, whether routine or extraordinary. All functions are easily controlled and managed by the operator, thanks to an innovative graphical user interface (7” wide colour display) placed on a swiveling control console and a smartphone app allowing the user to check the ACS 763 status in real time. Contextual shortcut help messages support and guide the user through the operations. Focusing on user centric workshop solutions the unit was designed based on a modular approach providing also easy access to internal components. This reduces the need for maintenance service as well as service time.


The innovative and exclusive ‘Deep Recovery’ function makes refrigerant recovery fast and efficient and allows the operator to recover 99% of the refrigerant from the vehicle. Thanks to the dual-stage vacuum pump, with the highest flow rate of the equipment market (170 l / min), you achieve faster and, most of all, deeper dehydration of the A/C system. Reliability and precision of charge (Å} 15 grammes) of the refrigerant is assured by an integrated system of temperature and pressure control. The danger of crosscontamination (PAG / POE) of lubricants is avoided thanks to the independent oil injection system, user-fillable sealed bottles and the flushing cycle of the service hoses, which is automated at every oil change.


Benefits for your workshop

  • Swivelling control console ensures optimal human interface experience
  • Design-for-service for the easiest and most effective ACS internal maintenance
  • Smartphone app enables remote communication of ACS unit at your fingertips
  • Integrated leak detection system for inert gas (NOx, nitrogen, formiergas)
  • Deep Recovery function allows full empting of the MAC system
  • Innovative oil bottle system suitable for vehicles with combustion engines and hybrid vehicles (PAG/POE)
  • Developed based on customer experience using ACS units, resulting in a product with the perfect balance between robustness and manoeuvrability)


Mobile App Operated

The new smartphone app allows the user to check the ACS 763 status in real time and receives push notifications when the service is about to be completed or in case a problems appears. The user can check how much time the service still needs and is able to focus on other repair cases in the meantime.






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