Jan 2013




- Download and install the HOST-PRO Software to suit your Hanatech (Note: Hanascan is different)



- Connect handset to PC via USB cable, turn unit on.


- Press 4 or 6 Depending on model (CONFIG), 2 (SPECIAL FUNCTION), 1 (DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE), 2 (WINDOWS USB)


Note – To verify the PC has recognized the handset click the START MENU, right click on COMPUTER (Win7) or MY COMPUTER (XP) and click MANAGE. On the left side of the window select DEVICE MANAGER, you should see an UNKNOWN DEVICE w/ a yellow exclamation mark. If not, remove the USB cable and re-insert it.


- Start to install HOST-PRO software, towards the end of the install process there will be a pop-up window requesting to install JUNGO, this is the USB Driver software for the handset, select INSTALL or ALLOW.


- Once the install is finished you will be ready to update the diagnostic software through HOST PRO.