GYSFlash 100.12 HF – Battery Charger 100amp high power stabilised supply incorporating Inverter technology for 12V systems

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GYSFlash 100.12 HF – Battery Charger 100amp


Gysflash 100-12 HF is a 100A high power stabilised supply incorporating Inverter technology.


5 Different Modes To Use

  • Charge : for 12V batteries (lead-acid/AGM/gel) from 20 to 1200 Ah.
  • Diag + : support up to 100 A the 12V batteries for vehicles in diagnostic phase.
  • Battery change : ensures a stabilised power supply to the vehicle during battery replacement to preserve memory settings.
  • Power Supply : adapt the charger in stabilised power supply with voltage and adjustable maximum current.
  • Showroom : the charger will compensate the current used by the consumers in use on the vehicle.


Advanced Functions
  • The «Auto Restart» function means that the charger will memorise the settings in case of a power cut and restart automatically.
  • Control and calibration of cables, the charger can be fitted with cables up to 2x8m long and 16mm/sq thick.
  • Locked in Showroom mode, avoid the risks of misuse, perfect for garages and exhibition spaces.
  • 4 charging curves available, whose the Easy mode for a simplified charge adapted to all lead acid batteries.
  • Activation and set-up of an «Expert» charging curve.
  • Includes 2.5M cables.  Optional 5M cables available.


100% Automatic Charge

  • The 9 step charging curve ensures maximum battery performance and longevity.
  • It can recover deeply discharged batteries below >2 V (SOS automatic Recovery).


Ultra Safe

  • Protection of the vehicle’s on-board electronics: protection against short circuits, polarity reversal and overcharging. Anti-spark technology.
  • Interchangeable fusible which protect against misuse.
  • Temperature sensor to prevent internal electronics overheating.
  • Automatic stand-by mode if the battery is disconnected.






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