Alemlube AAPWA3D – Premium 3D Wheel Aligner


Alemlube AAPWA3D – Premium 3D Wheel Aligner


The AAPWA3D Alemlube Automotive 3D Wheel Aligner is an advanced wheel aligner utilising leading European hardware and software technology. The perfect balance of convenience, easy use and quality.


  • Compact targets with no electronics and batteries
  • Comprehensive wheel alignment software and database
  • Large 27″ LCD display
  • Compact console
  • Ergonomic design and easy accessibility during maintenance operations
  • WiFi connection for automatic software updates
  • Data management & display program in Windows 10
  • 4-point clamps 12″-24″ with universal grips and targets
  • High definition cameras
  • Camera support with manual control
  • Guided and simple operating procedure
  • Premium turntables
  • Supplied with two mechanical turntables for cars, brake pedal depressor & steering wheel holder
  • 18 month warranty



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