Alemlube AA30PJB 3t Pneumatic Jacking Beam


Alemlube AA30PJB 3t Pneumatic Jacking Beam


The AA30PJB 3T pneumatic jacking beam allows raising the vehicle for a wheels free option on Alemlube Automotive 4 post hoist and Scissor lift.

Adding 2 Jacking beams will allow a complete wheels free option.


  • Air operated hydraulic jacking beam
  • Lifting capacity of 3t
  • Smooth rolling movement on hoist/lift tracks
  • Maximum lifting height of 375mm
  • Fully adjustable lift pad beam width between 870 to 1,400mm
  • Suitable for use with AA 4 post and scissor lifts
  • Quality components throughout
  • Compliant with Australian Standards
  • Manufactured to stringent European CE Standards
  • 12 month warranty



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