CarbonClean Diesel Tune 4000 – 500-4006P Diesel System Cleaning & Decarbonising Tool


CarbonClean Diesel Tune 4000 – Complete Fuel System Service for Diesel Engines

DieselTune is a 2-line cleaning system that connects to the engine through OEM specific adapters. DieselTune passes a concentrated mixture of MotorVac cleaning detergent and diesel fuel through the components of the fuel system while the engine is running. The system removes organic and inorganic fuel deposits that build up in fuel injectors, injection pumps and combustion chambers. Carbon, gum and varnish deposits in the entire upper engine are dissolved and removed during combustion, then passed through the exhaust.

  • Variable pressure for diesel lift pumps up to 100psi or 6.8 bar
  • Safely dissolves carbon deposits on diesel engines through exclusive soak mode
  • Microprocessor-based controls for automatic operation
  • Automatically maintains correct pressure and flow for worry-free operation
  • Safe for use in all diesel engines, including heavy-duty truck applications
  • Patented microprocessor for ease of use
  • Lowers exhaust opacity and harmful emissions
  • Automatically maintains correct pressure and flow for worry-free operation
  • Exclusive soak mode for deep cleaning of the fuel delivery system
  • Restores fuel economy and horsepower
  • Extends fuel injector and fuel pump life
Model DieselTune™
Input 12 VDC 6A
Machine Dimensions
Height 99 cm (39”)
Width 53.3 cm (21”)
Depth 43 cm (17”)
Carton Dimensions
Height 104 cm (41”)
Width 61 cm (24”)
Depth 48 cm (19”)
Shipping Weight 36.3 kg (80 lbs)
New Fluid Capacity 17.4 L (4.6 gal)
Waste Tank Capacity N/A
Length of Power Cord 3 m (10 ft)
Length of Hose 3 m (10 ft)
Warranty One Year





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